Connecting Disparate Audio on Campus to Transform Facilities, Workflows, and the Student Experience

Seamlessly connect your audio across campus with Dante!

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are in charge of the entire campus’ audio network. A professor in one building is having issues recording a lecture, a student in another part of campus is looking to distribute real-time audio to students in the dorms, and the big game is this weekend and the sports department wants to distribute the play-by-play action to students all over campus.

Now imagine how you could calm those frustrations by seamlessly connecting all your audio systems, no matter where they are located. Learn how these challenges are solved through the use of networking to distribute real-time media. AV-over-IP solutions deliver incredibly reliable, high-quality audio over standard computer networks, free of the problems of noise, weight, distance, channel count and scale that limit legacy systems.

In this new guide, you will learn how an AV-over-IP solution can transform what you, educators, and students can do with campus audio.

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