Campuses Must Respond as Physical Security and Cybersecurity Worlds Merge

Partnering with an industry leader in physical and cybersecurity is a good way to navigate the changing landscape. Here are 5 steps to help you combat a cyberattack.

By now everyone in the security industry is familiar with the trend of physical security systems becoming smarter and more connected. Traditional systems like video surveillance and access control are often now IP-based and can integrate with other security systems on campus.

The fast-paced, ever changing nature of today’s threats requires an equally fast-paced and informed response. Integrated systems can be invaluable for emergency responders looking to improve coordination and situational awareness. They also collect significant amounts of data, such as who opened a door and when, which can be useful for both forensic investigation and predictive purposes.

The amount of information sharing on a school, hospital or college campus is truly staggering. Seemingly everyone in the community has multiple devices they use to push out and receive information on demand. The proliferation of IP based security devices, which are also constantly sharing information, has only added to the hectic landscape.

Siemens has developed a multifaceted approach to help institutions of higher education, hospitals and school districts prepare for any cyberattack effectively.

These 5 steps can help you combat a cyberattack


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