Security Technology

$10 M School Security Competitive Grant Program Announced in Connecticut

Toronto Student Slain Near High School

Colorado Attorney General Suthers Releases School And Campus Safety Report

At N.J. School District, Guards are Out, Police Officers are In

Illinois Governor Signs Law Protecting Student Media

Read: Exploring Your Access Control Options

Exploring Your Access Control Options

In the real world, most campus access control installations are subject to some form of limitation – whether it is budget, time, logistics, personnel or politics. But if resources were no object, or at least less of a barrier, what would you install?

Read: Say 'Goodbye' to Your Paper Guest Log

Say 'Goodbye' to Your Paper Guest Log

Relying on archaic paper guest logs to chronicle who enters a building and why can make public safety and campus administrators understandably nervous. Electronic visitor management systems can help hospitals, schools and universities keep better track of guests.

Read: Sarasota School District Graduates to Digital

Sarasota School District Graduates to Digital

When the Sarasota County School District identified a need to get serious about video surveillance, administrators chose a hybrid CCTV solution that watches over and protects 43,000 students throughout the K-12 system.

Va. Tech Report Confirms Shortcomings, Offers Preventive Tactics

Cho Had Anxiety Disorder, Virginia Tech Never Notified

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