School Safety

San Francisco Bay Area School District Eyes Security Cameras

2 Free ICS Courses Available

Suicide Rates Top Homicide Rates for Police

Study Indicates Physicians Experience Stress Following Medical Errors

South Carolina Hospital Security Guard Arrested for Assault

Back to Lockdown Basics

Schools have been using lockdown protocols with success for the past 30 to 40 years. Acts of workplace violence, emergency room shootings, K-12 and higher education shooting rampages demonstrate the need for our campuses to have this lifesaving capability.

Read: Stopping Gangs One Child at a Time

Stopping Gangs One Child at a Time

With gang-related crime on the rise again, traditional law enforcement agencies have their hands full trying to combat this disturbing trend. Considering schools are often the recruiting grounds for new members, it makes sense that campuses do their part to discourage gang involvement.

Read: Communications: The Key to Crisis Response

Communications: The Key to Crisis Response

Communications can be a campus’ greatest asset or biggest vulnerability. Long before an emergency occurs, universities, schools and hospitals should plan on how they will deal with the media, employees and public during and after an incident. If they wait, irreversible damage to the reputation and life of the institution could result.

Survey Says Pennsylvania Schools Need to Tighten Security

NIMS/SEMS Training Announced for California Community Colleges

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