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Read: Misunderstanding Leads to School Lockdown, 9/11 Fears

Misunderstanding Leads to School Lockdown, 9/11 Fears

Study: Younger Alcohol Abusers Less Likely To Get Help

Duke Research Lab Damaged By Fire

University of Alabama Creates New Security Division

Sexual Assault Prevention Workshop To Be Held Sept. 15

Read: They Want Their CCTV

They Want Their CCTV

When officials at a Montana hospital began planning for the expansion of their camera surveillance system, they didn’t need to convince the nurses or employees that the upgrade was a good idea. Although crime isn’t an issue at the center, staff members embraced the notion that improved CCTV coverage would mean even greater safety and security for facility personnel, patients, visitors and assets.

Read: Suicide Bombers: Are you a target?

Suicide Bombers: Are you a target?

Since 9/11, terrorism and its affect on the healthcare environment are always-present factors in disaster planning. Recognizing the characteristics of suicide bombers, their possible motivations and behavior indicators, and acting on that information can reduce the likelihood of an attack occurring at your medical facility.

Background Checks on Ohio School Guards Uncover Arrests, Convictions

DOJ Issues Guide Regarding Accessibility Needs During Natural and Civil Emergencies

More Physicians Using Electronic Medical Records

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