Emergency Management

Costs Rise for Ontario Colleges Due to Stricter Security Measures

New Study Finds 1 in 25 Adolescents are Asked for Sex Photos

DHS Announces $1.7 B in Homeland Security Grants

Lehigh U. Official Arrested in Child Sex Case

Anonymous Letter Provokes Investigation of University Police

Report: Adolescent Birthrate Has Dropped

Pennsylvania School Board Ready to Make Peace with Police Department

Killing of Police Officer Prompts Changes at Winston-Salem State

Read: Communications: The Key to Crisis Response

Communications: The Key to Crisis Response

Communications can be a campus’ greatest asset or biggest vulnerability. Long before an emergency occurs, universities, schools and hospitals should plan on how they will deal with the media, employees and public during and after an incident. If they wait, irreversible damage to the reputation and life of the institution could result.

N.J. School Apologizes for Blacking Out Homosexual Photo

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