Don’t Rely on Codes for Emergency Protocols

Codes often cause confusion, even among campus personnel who are well trained.

Inside/Outside Lockdown Approach Prone to Failure

Location-based lockdowns are unreliable and potentially dangerous.

Read: Progressive Discipline: Out of Sync With Busing

Progressive Discipline: Out of Sync With Busing

Progressive discipline in pupil transportation environments for anything other than general personnel issues – such as tardiness, absenteeism or drivers room behavior – can be bad for kids.

Body Sprays & Fire Technology Don’t Mix

Since it’s Friday, I thought you all might enjoy this.

Read: Minimizing the Tradeoff Between Security and Convenience

Minimizing the Tradeoff Between Security and Convenience

Integrated key management and asset control systems offer a non-intrusive way to keep your campus safe.

Links That Can Help Keep Kids Safe

While technology can be a trap for a child, it can also save the day for a savvy adult.

When It Comes to Security, Many Top Administrators Still Don’t Get It

Despite last week’s report condemning the UC Davis pepper-spray incident and another report estimating the costs associated with the 2007 Virginia Tech mass shooting to be more than $48 million, we still have a big problem with campus executive apathy and naïvete.

Whatever Happened to Verbal Judo?

Knowing when to talk and not talk are critical to officer safety but rarely discussed in contemporary police training.

Avoid the Active Shooter Trap

Be sure to also conduct shelter in place, severe weather sheltering and reverse evacuation drills.

Media Questioning Penn State 1998 Investigation

Will campus police now get pulled into the sex abuse scandal?

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