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You’ve Suspended a Potential Aggressor … Now What?

Threat assessment teams, information sharing, community partnerships and automated tools help colleges manage at-risk individuals both on- and off-campus.

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Thomas Hartless, who police say is responsible for the shooting at Ohio nursing home Pine Kirk Care Center, has a history of domestic violence with one of the victims, nurse Marlina Medrano. By CS Staff · May 17, 2017

Keeping an open mind will improve campus security because we will be less inclinded to ignore or explain away critical threats and evidence. By Robin Hattersley Gray · April 20, 2017

IDV’s threat assessment and operational visualization solution to become part of industry’s first integrated software platform for managing critical events. By CS Staff · April 12, 2017

Dallas will host one of this year’s three premier Campus Safety Conferences for school and university security professionals, police and administrators. By CS Staff · April 03, 2017

The former student's journal revealed her anger and depression. By CS Staff · February 10, 2017

The new organization will bring together campus security professionals to discuss threats to the education community. By CS Staff · February 08, 2017

Students have received concerning emails ever since the event was shut down by protesters. By CS Staff · February 06, 2017

The student had been expelled for two years over social media posts about his ex-girlfriend. By CS Staff · December 28, 2016

The powerful new ad shows common signs displayed by a potential school shooter. By CS Staff · December 05, 2016

The number of bomb threats made against schools has increased dramatically since November of 2011. By CS Staff · October 31, 2016