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Harvard Launches New Sexual Assault Policy

Under the policy, the university will create the Office for Sexual and Gender-Based Dispute Resolution (ODR) to investigate reports of sexual harassment.

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The school’s Title IX investigation found “clear and convincing evidence” that Blake Wentworth had engaged in misconduct. By CS Staff · May 25, 2017

College students accused of sexual assault allege unfair treatment in university Title IX proceedings. By CS Staff · May 03, 2017

sexual assault, rape, stalking, dating violence and other forms of sexual misconduct in the University of Texas was analyzed in a massive survey of students this year. UT officials say the survey is just one part of a larger analysis of sexual assault on college campuses in the system. UT System Chancellor William H. McRaven says transparency is important during the process. By CS Staff · March 28, 2017

The district inadequately responded to allegations of teacher abuse and other sexual violence. By CS Staff · March 14, 2017

The results present a possible low-cost way schools can mitigate sexual violence. By CS Staff · March 13, 2017

Some disciplinary measures are being criticized for putting students in a hostile or unsafe environment. By CS Staff · March 10, 2017

Lower courts in several states will now weigh in on transgender Title IX bathroom rights. By CS Staff · March 06, 2017

The procedures the U.S. Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights goes through when responding to complaints of Title IX violations and sexual assault complaints are often unknown to the schools, universities and colleges being investigated. There are many things schools and universities must keep in mind when responding to sexual violence, dating violence or sexual harassment allegations. If administrators and school officials are aware of the Office for Civil Rights' procedures, they can be better prepared to respond when being investigated for Title IX noncompliance. The following article outlines the federal government's process for evaluating a Title IX complaint, investigating a school's Title IX compliance, and response to the investigation's findings. It also gives schools, colleges and universities their options each step of the way, including their right to enter into a resolution agreement or appeal the federal officials decision to pull federal funding from their institution. By Zach Winn · February 28, 2017

The agreement noted several ways the University of Alaska failed to properly respond to sexual assault complaints. By CS Staff · February 27, 2017

According to the lawsuit, the school's inaction led to continued sexual harassment and a hostile school environment for the sexual assault victim. By CS Staff · February 08, 2017