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Police, Mental Health & Social Services Must Work Together

A needless tug of war could be developing with school police on one side and mental health professionals, social services advocates and civil rights activists on the other.

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Conference will take place May 8-9 in Hoover, Ala. By CS Staff · April 28, 2017

A Richmond Public Schools security officer is being investigated for his actions when he broke up a fight between Huguenot High School student Andre Nious and others. By CS Staff · April 26, 2017

The victim and a witness were reportedly scared to come forward. By CS Staff · March 29, 2017

The budget cut proposal will likely be voted on by board members Feb. 28. By CS Staff · February 22, 2017

The officer had worked for the Pleasantville School District for 15 years. By CS Staff · February 13, 2017

The students allegedly planned for the shooting to occur during an upcoming athletic event. By CS Staff · February 02, 2017

The suspects allegedly planned for the shooting to occur on Jan. 27. By CS Staff · January 30, 2017

The district says the attacker stabbed five students before turning the knife on himself. By CS Staff · November 15, 2016

The incident is being investigated by the Michigan State Police. By CS Staff · November 15, 2016

$6.5 million in competitive grants have been awarded for the training and compensation of SROs and school police officers, and to prevent and reduce violence. By CS Staff · November 07, 2016