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Campus Safety’s Top 10 School Security Studies of 2016

Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year.

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Interviewing, vetting and ultimately hiring security officers and guards can be a difficult and time consuming process. School, hospital and college security officials must make the right choices when it comes to selecting guards and officers to improve school safety or hospital security. That means conducting extensive background checks to vet guards, working with the human resources department and training existing officers on how to take part in job interviews. In this article, Campus Safety goes inside the security guard hiring process at Gwinnett Health System to show an example of an effective program for security guard and officer departments. By Zach Winn · March 20, 2017

Here are the 10 most compelling research studies CS covered this past year. By Robin Hattersley Gray · December 29, 2016

CCUPCA Legislative Liason Stan Skipworth discusses recruitment, community-oriented policing, training and standardization. By Robin Hattersley Gray · September 06, 2016

The growth in the number of armed officers and the adoption of high technology products are factors contributing to the high projection. By CS Staff · September 02, 2016

Do you conduct periodic background checks of long-term employees, as well as screen new hires? It's something you should consider. By Robin Hattersley Gray · June 12, 2016

Two California campus security directors make the case for uniform U.S. standards. Here's a preview of what they will be presenting at Campus Safety Conference East and West this summer. By CS Staff · May 16, 2016

In California, private college public safety officers aren't designated as peace officers, which some say hinder them in their responses to active shooters and sexual assault. By Robin Hattersley Gray · May 03, 2016

In light of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, schools, universities and hospitals can’t afford to have security that looks good but doesn’t actually provide protection. By Robin Hattersley Gray · January 15, 2016

One in four institutions of higher education have never conducted any type of active shooter exercise on campus. By CS Staff · October 18, 2015

Campus Safety magazine survey also found that more departments are arming officers with less lethal weapons and want additional or upgraded security cameras. By Robin Hattersley Gray · September 03, 2015