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The lawmakers hope to reverse the department's expansion under the Obama administration. By CS Staff · January 13, 2017

The HIPAA settlement is the first to enforce the notification rule. By CS Staff · January 11, 2017

The settlement comes after the healthcare system self-reported the potential disclosure of 31,800 people's protected health information. By CS Staff · October 20, 2016

The school's response to allegations against the officer was one of several Title IX violations referenced in the agreement. By CS Staff · September 15, 2016

The settlement stems from the theft of an unencrypted laptop from an unlocked car in 2013. By CS Staff · August 10, 2016

The agreement also calls for the creation of PHI policies and a corrective action plan. By CS Staff · July 15, 2016

The university agreed to take several steps to correct the violations discovered by the Office for Civil Rights. By CS Staff · July 11, 2016

The government's stance counters claims made in court by the university's lawyers. By CS Staff · July 07, 2016

The district was found to have violated Title IX by discriminating against a transgender student. By CS Staff · June 24, 2016

The school voluntarily resolved the investigation before OCR had completed its review. By CS Staff · June 13, 2016