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6 Ways to Get Your Emergency Alerts Noticed

Personal interaction will encourage your campus community to pay attention and act on your warnings about a crisis.

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The following is a breakdown of best practices for campus safety officials to guarantee information gets to the entire campus in case of an emergency: By Robin Hattersley Gray · March 11, 2016

No matter what type of mass notification systems your campus uses, one critical step must not be forgotten: The creation and delivery of the actual content of the emergency notification. The following experts provide some sage advice on making your messages count. By Robin Hattersley Gray ·

The covers help protect against vandalism and accidental damage. By CS Staff · October 15, 2015

Schools across the country, at all levels of education, are starting to consider adopting mobile technology as a way for staff, students and others in their communities to access campus emergency response plans. Many colleges have made iOS and Android mobile apps available on their websites. By Nick Mirisis · March 13, 2015

Gwinnett County has designated $5 million to pay for emergency alert system improvements at county and Buford City schools. By CS Staff · February 11, 2015

Weather alerts, environmental alerts and food service monitoring are just a few of the unconventional ways campuses are using their panic alarm technology. By Jason Knott · November 13, 2014

Faster installation is one important benefit of wireless panic alarms, but there are several others. By Jason Knott · November 11, 2014

Did you know that false activations are rare with panic alarms? This is just one of several strengths of this type of solution. By Jason Knott · November 07, 2014

When creating it, be certain to include the appropriate stakeholders and tailor the policy to your budget. By Jason Knott · November 05, 2014

Install minimal repeaters and have a dedicated wireless WiFi network for your mobile duress system and any other life safety solutions. By CS Staff · November 04, 2014