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As Many as 50,000 Affected by Arkansas State Data Breach

Illegal use of the information has not been reported, but 50,000 people will be notified 'out of an abundance of caution.'

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The recent data breach at Target stores nationwide has prompted experts to say that similar incidents will get worse before they get better. By CS Staff · December 25, 2013

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UW (University of Washington) Medicine announced last week that early in October, an employee opened an E-mail attachment that contained malicious software (malware). The malware took control of the computer, which had patient data stored on it. By CS Staff · December 01, 2013

A student at Sachem North High School has been charged with computer trespass, a felony, for allegedly hacking into a district computer and accessing private student records. By CS Staff · November 25, 2013

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Police have accused a man of stealing two laptops from an administration building of AHMC Healthcare, compromising 729,000 patient files. By CS Staff · October 22, 2013

Higher education networks are 300% more likely to be infected with malware than their enterprise and government counterparts. By CS Staff · October 21, 2013

Advancements in the computing landscape are driving the adoption of more and more cloud-hosted offerings in security. October 06, 2013

Holy Cross Hospital has fired one of its employees for inappropriately accessing almost 10,000 patient records. By CS Staff · October 01, 2013

Staff members at the University of Michigan could possibly become victims of identity theft after receiving spear phishing E-mails that allowed hackers to redirect pay deposits or obtain Social Security numbers. By CS Staff · August 14, 2013