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School officials can search student bags without a warrant after the Supreme Court's ruling in Joshua Polk’s case against Whetstone High School. By CS Staff · May 16, 2017

The shooting killed one student and injured three others. By CS Staff · February 22, 2017

The scandal has already cost the school an estimated $237 million. By CS Staff · January 09, 2017

The students were convicted of a citation rather than the more serious charges. By CS Staff · January 04, 2017

A judge ruled Penn State humiliated and retaliated against Mike McQueary last week. By CS Staff · December 07, 2016

The appeal challenged the state's hazing law for being overly broad. By CS Staff · November 22, 2016

The ruling ends a debate over whether or not the school's police department must follow public records laws. By CS Staff · November 17, 2016

The plaintiff had argued the Rolling Stone story defamed her by implication. By CS Staff · November 03, 2016

The dismissal was based on a law that grants gun manufacturers immunity from liability for crimes committed with the weapons. By CS Staff · October 17, 2016

The district had argued the directive could threaten students’ privacy. By CS Staff · September 28, 2016