Child Sexual Abuse

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The teacher kept in contact with the student after she left her school. By CS Staff · February 07, 2017

The man sexually abused multiple girls in his first grade class. By CS Staff · January 25, 2017

The scandal has already cost the school an estimated $237 million. By CS Staff · January 09, 2017

More than 60 women have filed police complaints against the doctor. By CS Staff · December 27, 2016

A judge ruled Penn State humiliated and retaliated against Mike McQueary last week. By CS Staff · December 07, 2016

The penalty is the largest ever assessed for Clery Act violations. By CS Staff · November 03, 2016

The officer was part of a private security force employed by the district. By CS Staff · July 01, 2016

The arrests are the result of a joint investigation between university and state police. By CS Staff · June 29, 2016

More than three million referrals of child maltreatment are received by state and local agencies every year. By CS Staff · June 09, 2016

The cases involved 30 children from two different elementary schools in the district. By CS Staff · May 18, 2016