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The sexual abuse allegedly continued after students reported it to the teacher. By CS Staff · April 18, 2017

The suspect has been placed on administrative leave as police investigate the allegations. By CS Staff · April 11, 2017

Graham Spanier was accused of failing to report child abuse allegations to police. By CS Staff · March 27, 2017

The officials did not relay a report of Jerry Sandusky's child abuse to police in 2002. By CS Staff · March 14, 2017

The report began after a school district employee was charged for allegedly inappropriately texting a 13-year-old student. By CS Staff · February 14, 2017

The scandal has already cost the school an estimated $237 million. By CS Staff · January 09, 2017

The suspect was allegedly upset because the mother of his newborn was breastfeeding in front of a male doctor. By CS Staff · December 16, 2016

A judge ruled Penn State humiliated and retaliated against Mike McQueary last week. By CS Staff · December 07, 2016

The tutor was not screened by the human resources department prior to being hired. By CS Staff · December 01, 2016

The historic penalty is related to the investigation into convicted serial child abuser Jerry Sandusky. By CS Staff · November 29, 2016