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Managing Access Control and Video Surveillance Maintenance

Robin Hattersley Gray · April 04, 2016
Here's an overview of these challenges and some possible solutions that security equipment manufacturers and integrators can provide.
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CS Staff · August 02, 2016
The video shows Stanley Security's products in a simulated hospital environment.

Robin Hattersley Gray · July 29, 2016
In the K-12 setting it is usually not appropriate to suspend, expel or arrest the student... or do nothing.

Robin Hattersley Gray · July 19, 2016
IAHSS Immediate Past President David LaRose describes how hospital protection professional can embrace these guidelines while improving security and safety.

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The tragic shooting left five police officers dead and injured seven others.

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Video teaches viewers the right steps to help law enforcement catch the people who call in threats.

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Here's one robot that scans its environment to identify motion and signs of fire, smoke and gas leaks.

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Even if first responders and staff aren't directly affected by a tragedy, they can still experience secondary trauma and develop PTSD.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 13, 2016
Here's how you can create a multi-disciplinary team, as well as an effective threat management process.

CS Staff · May 11, 2016
The brawl may have been the result of racial tensions at the high school.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 03, 2016
In California, private college public safety officers aren't designated as peace officers, which some say hinder them in their responses to active shooters and sexual assault.