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Managing Access Control and Video Surveillance Maintenance

Robin Hattersley Gray · April 04, 2016
Here's an overview of these challenges and some possible solutions that security equipment manufacturers and integrators can provide.
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CS Staff · August 15, 2016
The emergency communications are used for ongoing threats like violence on campus or weather emergencies.

Robin Hattersley Gray · August 04, 2016
Alison Kiss from the Clery Center discusses confidential and mandated reporting, and how campuses can work with counselors to ensure victims get the help they need.

CS Staff · August 02, 2016
The video shows Stanley Security's products in a simulated hospital environment.

Robin Hattersley Gray · July 29, 2016
In the K-12 setting it is usually not appropriate to suspend, expel or arrest the student... or do nothing.

Robin Hattersley Gray · July 19, 2016
IAHSS Immediate Past President David LaRose describes how hospital protection professional can embrace these guidelines while improving security and safety.

CS Staff · July 10, 2016
The tragic shooting left five police officers dead and injured seven others.

CS Staff · June 27, 2016
Video teaches viewers the right steps to help law enforcement catch the people who call in threats.

CS Staff · June 23, 2016
Here's one robot that scans its environment to identify motion and signs of fire, smoke and gas leaks.

Robin Hattersley Gray · June 06, 2016
Even if first responders and staff aren't directly affected by a tragedy, they can still experience secondary trauma and develop PTSD.

Robin Hattersley Gray · May 13, 2016
Here's how you can create a multi-disciplinary team, as well as an effective threat management process.