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K-12 Security Upgrade Opportunities You May Have Missed

Wendy Bowman · October 02, 2014
Here’s how you can better manage your school perimeter, evacuation requirements and classroom security.
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Massachusetts General Hospital security personnel review thousands of security cameras for footage during the many investigations they conduct each year. All of that surveillance footage required the Milestone XProtect VMS platform integrated with the BriefCam Syndex Pro.

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Siemens’ new approach to security systems integration is taking the complexity and cost out of PSIM on campus.

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AMAG Technology installed it's Symmetry SR Solution in phases on the University of Reno Nevada's campuses. AMAG's Symmetry SR allows for access privilages to be revoked and granted remotely and can be a cheaper than completely replacing an access control system.

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IDV’s threat assessment and operational visualization solution to become part of industry’s first integrated software platform for managing critical events.