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Before the Shots: Preparing for an Active Killer Incident

December 23, 2016
Join us for a FREE 1-Hour Webcast on January 26th, to learn key steps institutions should consider when preparing for an active killer incident.
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Robin Hattersley Gray · April 11, 2016
S2's Magic Monitor is a dynamic digital canvas that allows users to publish video streams, dynamic text and more.

Dr. Kevin Kloesel · April 06, 2016
Campus weather preparedness plans, outreach and training must take into account the fact that tornadoes, as well as other weather hazards, can happen at any time.

Robin Hattersley Gray · March 31, 2016
Don’t wait for a tragedy to happen on your campus before addressing your internal and external relationship issues.

March 27, 2016
View the archive today for CS' June 2nd webcast from STANLEY Security and hear from industry experts as they give an overview of the essential criteria for determining whether a reported theft from a structure constitutes a burglary or larceny.

CS Staff · March 24, 2016
The university president expressed disappointment with the police department's response to the shooting.

Robin Hattersley Gray · March 11, 2016
The following is a breakdown of best practices for campus safety officials to guarantee information gets to the entire campus in case of an emergency:

Andrew Altizer, Dave Bujak, Steve Harris, Jennifer Mattingly and Susan McCallister · March 10, 2016
Here’s some advice from Auburn, Georgia Tech, Florida State and the University of Georgia’s emergency managers on how you can encourage your community to sign up for your campus’ emergency management social media pages.

CS Staff · March 09, 2016
The study revealed that the average number of twisters per tornado outbreak has increased significantly since 1954.

CS Staff · March 07, 2016
A security expert from Mvix explains the benefits of digital signage and give tips for installing and using a digital signage system.

Robin Hattersley Gray ·
No matter what type of mass notification systems your campus uses, one critical step must not be forgotten: The creation and delivery of the actual content of the emergency notification. The following experts provide some sage advice on making your messages count.