Spotlight on: Campus Safety Conference

The Campus Safety Conference is a 2-day intense conference for administrators and public safety officials, security and law enforcement executives from all over the country looking for solutions to campus safety, security, emergency management and technology challenges.

Your Enterprise Mobile Duress Cheat Sheet: Empowering Teachers and Staff to Respond Appropriately

EMD panic alarms enable K-12 teachers, administrators and staff to promptly respond to safety and security incidents, possibly averting the escalation of violence.

When most people think of school violence, they think of shootings. The media saturation that follows these tragedies makes it unavoidable. However, school shootings are only the most extreme and rarest examples of school violence. The fact is, there are safety and security incidents on K-12 campuses that occur daily and don’t grab the media’s attention. And, if left unchecked, can lead
to negative – even catastrophic – consequences.

Recent high-profile incidents highlight the correlation between youth and violence, and the impact of violence on K-12 education is inarguable. After all, the one thing that nearly every school-age offender has in common is that they are most likely on school grounds a good portion of the time.

When tragedy strikes and K-12 violence grabs national headlines, the initial reaction is to remind the public that schools are relatively safe. This is only partly true. While many studies have found that the majority of youth violence occurs away from school grounds, others have shown that “more than one-half of juvenile victimizations [occur] at school or on school grounds.”

Learn about the must have tools K-12 teachers and school staff need to effectively respond to safety and security incidents by downloading this document.

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