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5 Steps to Keeping Your Access Control System Current

Software updates and database backups are just a couple of the keys to ensuring you get the most out of your solutions.

Most people are thrilled when they buy a new car. It is bright and shiny and hasn’t been struck by the wayward grocery cart yet. And let’s not forget about that new-car smell. The challenge for car owners, however, comes when their vehicle has a few miles on it. They might forget to change the oil or rotate the
tires on a regular basis. Unfortunately, not paying attention to upkeep will most likely result in their vehicle not functioning properly, if at all.

For many, car maintenance flies under the radar. The same truth applies to access control solutions. According to Campus Safety Magazine‘s 2017 Access Control Survey, many healthcare organizations and educational institutions struggle with the issues associated with older systems and the upkeep of systems that have recently been installed.

Like a car, access systems that aren’t maintained run the risk of breaking down sooner than they would if they received the attention they deserve.

This whitepaper provides tips will ensure hospitals and institutions of higher learning keep their access control systems up to date and optimized.

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