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Central Station and Active Monitoring Advancements for Your Campus

In the years since Columbine, school safety has changed dramatically. Schools have more measures in place to protect their students and faculty, such as controlled access, metal detectors, and cameras.

The widespread implementation of security protocols, the advancement of monitoring technologies, and the increased usage of incident monitoring software have helped schools to improve overall security measures; however, there are still challenges to overcome.

For instance, even when using incident management software, when a security event happens, it takes time to determine the exact location.

This is especially true on larger campuses. In an emergency, time is a precious commodity which can cost lives.

To save precious time, a better scenario is for the dispatcher to have access to a floorplan designating the exact location of the alarm source, which can then be conveyed to the responding agency. This functionality improves response times and saves lives, and it is included as a standard feature in the alarm monitoring and PSIM software from Bold Technologies.

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