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Robin Hattersley Gray · April 27, 2017 · The hospital security survey also found more significant increases in assaults, disorderly conduct and theft.
Robin Hattersley Gray · April 21, 2017 · New e-book for parents and students covers student safety, sexual assault, active shooter response, emergency notification, lockdown, mental health and more.
Robin Hattersley Gray · April 20, 2017 · Keeping an open mind will improve campus security because we will be less inclinded to ignore or explain away critical threats and evidence.
Robin Hattersley Gray · April 14, 2017 · So far, 16 student athletes from La Vernia High School in Texas and Hamilton High School in Arizona have been arrested for hazing involving sexual assault.
Robin Hattersley Gray · April 14, 2017 · Penn State has implemented more aggressive measures to combat drinking, hazing and sexual assault in Greek organizations.
Robin Hattersley Gray · April 12, 2017 · North Park school officials were unaware of the gunman’s criminal past and victim’s concerns about him.
Robin Hattersley Gray · April 10, 2017 · The shooting is a suspected murder-suicide involving estranged spouses.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 30, 2017 · Union leader again claims New York Mayor covering up school crime and student discipline reforms are working.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 28, 2017 · JJ Solorio of JJS Consulting demonstrates a new NAPCO lock designed to address lockdown challenges in schools.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 27, 2017 · Napco’s Jorge Hevia tells Campus Safety about the Security Access-Control Vulnerability Index (SAVI), a new self-audit tool from NAPCO that will help you assess what you need without the bias of any one company, consultant or sales person.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 26, 2017 · One study has found that New York City’s recent student discipline reforms have negatively affected campus climate.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 24, 2017 · HB 51 would have changed how rapes would have been investigated and was opposed by sexual assault survivors and advocates.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 09, 2017 · Here's how your district can protect student online activities and ensure laptops, tablets and smartphones are used appropriately.
Robin Hattersley Gray · March 09, 2017 · Campus Safety HQ can help you more effectively train your teachers, staff and administrators how to appropriately respond to emergencies.
Robin Hattersley Gray · February 24, 2017 · CSUN uses video analytics to identify incidents as they happen and has reduced grand theft auto by 60 percent.